(Results of each case vary, the following are for example only.)

Wrongful Death Of Middle-Aged Man.

Successful Trial & Negotiations Resulted in Over $3,700,000.

By Attorney Hall & Co-Counsel, 2017

Sexual Abuse by a Grandfather.

Confidential Settlement – Over $500,000.


Rhode Island and Connecticut Injury Lawyers Record of Success for Sexual Abuse.

Manipulating the natural trust of his granddaughter, this sexual predator took advantage of his granddaughter over a period of years.  Once this was uncovered both a civil case and criminal charges were filed.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Infection After Surgery $500,000 Mediation.

Rhode Island and Connecticut Injury Lawyers Get Justice for Auto Accident Victim.

During a motor vehicle accident that was largely his own fault, our client required immediately surgery to address a large and dirty wound.  Unfortunately, the wound was not fully cleaned before it was stitched tight.

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