Across Rhode Island and Connecticut, the Hall Law & Associates zealously represent our clients interests with respect, dignity and compassion.  By working in partnership with our clients, we remain transparent and include clients in discussions regarding case strategy and challenges.  We promptly return calls in an effort to alleviate concerns and address  questions. We always provide straight, forthright advice to our clients.


Treat clients the way we all deserve to be treated …

  1. We talk straight with you – You are assigned one, experienced attorney to work on your case.  There is no guessing who to talk with.
  2. Put your attorney on speed dial! – Ask for your attorney’s cell phone number and you will be given his real cell phone number.  We want you to be able to reasonably communicate with your attorney.  At Hall Law & Associates, we believe that good client communications leads to excellent results.
  3. Text and email response – We guarantee to return your text or email response within 24 hours. Why?  Because we believe we should treat the client the exact way we want to be treated.