Q: Do I Need a lot of money to hire a lawyer?

A: No, personal finance should never prevent someone from procuring justice.

You don’t pay unless we win.    With more than 25 years experience in trial and personal injury law we are able to easily recognize case strengths and weaknesses.   We candidly share our knowledge with our clients so they  know what to expect from the process up front.     We do a full analysis of your medical records, police reports, witness accounts. 

Knowledge is power.  Ask the question and find out if you have a case, what it might take to make you whole.  Each case and client is unique.  It has its own fact pattern and elements that can be proven and challenges that require strategy and experience to address.   

At Hall Law Associates LLC we work on a contingency fee basis. This means our law office charges no money up front for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Instead, at the conclusion of your case, a percentage is paid to the attorney from the amount we successfully recover for you. This system allows anyone who needs legal representation to obtain it easily, without the stresses of hourly charges and hidden “costs”. Any costs related to the case are discussed or are explained to the client & accounted for at the end of the case. 

Come talk to us.  Meet out team.  Ask the question.  We are happy to help.  Initial consultations and ardent pursuit of your case is free of up front charges.