Treat others they way you would like to be treated. It seems so simple. Especially when working with an honored and vunerable population such as those in nursing homes.

Sadly, we often get cases where staff have either neglected and ignored a loved one causing injury or even more frightening… finding out that a loved one has been the victim of abuse.

Elderly people are often times incapable of telling their families that they are being physically or sexually abused, or that they are being hurt by negligence and/or harmful conditions in their nursing home. By the time the family becomes aware of the problem, the elderly individual has already suffered serious physical or emotional trauma, and potentially even wrongful death.

Sometimes as a family member its because you notice something is just off with our loved one. A great example of this is bedsores. Bedsores are largely preventable and are often a sign of neglect. Compensation for this type of injury can help your loved one heal and get the level of care that they deserve.

At Hall Law Associates, we believe that this special population are deserving of special attention reflecting all the years they often have cared for others. Peoples rights, dignity and level of treatment should never be diminished by their compromised status. Being vulnerable sometimes means you need help and a strong advocate to stand with you.

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We are honored to help. We stand up for clients by holding doctors, nurses, nursing home administrators and staff responsible for their failure to provide residents with proper care.

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