What is Rape?

Rape is the infliction of bodily injury on a person with willful intent to hurt or injure that person. If you have been caused bodily harm, touched by another human being in a way that was unwelcome, or had someone enter your home with intention to hurt you, you need to seek justice on your behalf.  The law firm of Hall Johnson specialize in representing victims of abuse and assault in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

When a child or adult is abused or sexually assaulted, the strongest, most experienced representation may be required in order to hold the perpetrators accountable. These are emotional and very complicated cases. The emotional scars from sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Financial compensation can never give a child back its innocence or an adult back its freedom, but it may help victims of assault and abuse put their lives back together.  You cannot afford to entrust your case to an inexperienced lawyer or a firm without the resources to see the case to conclusion and fight for you or your child every step of the way.

The attorneys at Hall Law Associates provide compassionate legal guidance and determined representation to children and adults who suffer physical or sexual abuse now, and for adults who suffered physical or sexual abuse as a child and are now seeking justice against those who hurt them.  Our attorneys understand how hard it is for victims to pursue legal action against those who molested, raped or abused them, but the team at Hall Johnson is trained in handling these emotional issues as delicately as possible, especially when children are involved. Because sexual predators are likely to be repeat offenders, you cannot afford to let your case go unhandled. Trust the Rhode Island and Connecticut Assault and Abuse Attorneys at Hall Law for your most sensitive claims.

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