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At Hall Law & Associates, we work directly with our clients.  You are assigned one attorney and one paralegal who is dedicated to your case. We are always available to answer your questions.  We believe that you deserve straight, forthright advice and feedback regarding the quality and value of your personal injury, worker’s compensation, domestic or sexual abuse,  or other injury case.  The law is not confusing when you know the facts.  Let’s work together to make informed, smart decisions that maximize your case.

Across Rhode Island and throughout all of Connecticut, Hall Law & Associates cares for injured people and we fight hard for your justice.  What makes us different?

 Let us prove this to you with responsive and competent representation.  This starts with an initial meeting where you can speak directly with the attorney handling your case.  We promise the following to each client:

  1.      Personal, responsive, communications;
  2.      Straight answers:   Integrity, Transparent strategy for success
  3.      We bring 20+ years of trial and courtroom experience to the fight. 
  4.      Our Win-Win guarantee*   If we don’t win;  You don’t pay. 

 When you win, we all win – that is our guarantee!

*Call to discuss details specific to your case and any potential costs


We genuinely care about your success, Our Experience, Knowledge and Talent Assures You That Your Rights are Protected