What is your background?

Each attorney has more or less experience.  It is critical that you know how much experience your attorney has in the law, experience at trial and in the courtroom and success specific to the area of law you need. At Hall Law & Associates, we have more than 20 years of experience helping injured people and with cases similar you your own.

We give you detailed background information regarding our experience with your specific type of case and explain how we fight hard to get you the compensation your deserve.  Don’t fight against the insurance company legal teams alone. 

Have you ever done a trial?  ( Surprise!  Not all lawyers have been there! – or have ever done a trial!)

We regularly go to courts in Rhode Island and Connecticut when it helps our client get a better result.  Some lawyers just advertise and try to settle cases quickly for less money and never take a case to trial. At Hall Law & Associates, we regularly file lawsuits, regularly hire experts to support our clients and we make regular appearances in civil court.  The judicial Website verifies that we regularly litigate matters involving personal injury.  You should find out how often you might need to go to court.  Some clients want to avoid court and some want to go to court.

Hall Law has won multiple cases at trial and in court had have the awards and satisfied clients to prove it.   Discuss the court process and learn what expertise is needed in your case with an attorney that is experienced with court.

Who will I work with?

You wont see my face on a bus and we don’t waste your time with corny, phony TV commercials. We are real trial lawyers and we frequently go to court and to trial for and with our clients.

At many firms, the guy on the television commercial is likely not to be your actual attorney.  The man or woman you meet with might not be the associate that is actually assigned and working your case.  At Hall Law & Associates, you meet with the actual attorney and team that will handle your case start to finish.

We keep it simple, you interview and select your actual attorney and they are by your side throughout your case.

How long will it take to finish my case?  How do you decide to settle , mediate or bring my case to trial?

You deserve to know what to expect.  Your lawyer should be able to share a custom strategy and game plan for success.  You should fully understand what will happen in your case.  You deserve to know how long your case will realistically take and have complete transparency to the strategic decisions and factors necessary to maximize your compensation.

At our initial meeting we will give you a fair and honest assessment of your case.  We develop a game plan that shares realistic goals, milestones and strategies to achieve the maximum result and success in your case. 

Is my case important to you (and why)?  

Find out why your attorney wants to represent you.  Trust your gut.

Some attorneys care a great deal for their client and truly want to help the client win as much as possible. Like all professionals, some care more than others.  Trust your gut as you listen to the attorney tell you why he or she wants to represent you.  If they truly care, you will usually be able to sense it.  At Hall Law & Associates, we pride ourselves in caring.  We believe you should be treated like family and with respect.  That is our pledge to you.

My case is worth millions of dollars right?  (My case is over $100,000, right?)

We seek to maximize your result – always! But we don’t make false promises to get you in the door.  We are straight shooters.  No attorney can accurately predict the exact dollar amounts or value of your case because even one fact may change and affect the value of your case.

Beware of an attorney that promises you a certain amount of money when you first discuss your case.  Don’t believe random promises.  Until a lawyer really digs into the facts and details they shouldn’t be citing you numbers. 

Only fortune tellers can fully predict the future and site a dollar number of what a case is truly worth.  Instead, ask your attorney to give you examples of other cases and case values.  As your case develops, the attorneys at Hall Law & Associates, can help you to determine if your case is worth Millions or Thousands.  Often a case is more valuable only when the injury is permanent and causes problems throughout a lifetime.

At Hall Law & Associates, we can explain the facts, factors and scenarios that make a case worth more or less – for free — in the first meeting.  

If we don’t win – You don’t pay. 

What do I have to do next?

Ask your attorney about how your medical treatment will affect your case.  Lost wages and medical bills require proof and your attorney should be able to explain how you can maximize your recovery by proving and documenting how you have been injured.

At Hall Law & Associates, an experienced attorney can meet with you and answer these questions.  We are available weekends and evenings upon request.

Call (401) 596-4401 to speak with an attorney or to set appointment.  

We will travel to your home or location convenient to you or please come and meet our team at 21 Canal Street, Westerly RI.  


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