We have all heard stories in the news about authority figures such as teachers, coaches, ministers, priests and Boy Scout troop leaders who have allegedly abused their power by engaging in sexual abuse of children. When this type of abuse happens it is often helpful to speak with an experienced attorney about your money options. At Hall Law, we have years of experience using both the civil and criminal systems to hold abuser accountable.

Sexual abuse inflicts a terrible toll on victims and on their families. The long-term effects of abuse often include fear, anxiety, depression, hostility, inappropriate sexual behavior, poor self-esteem, tendency toward substance abuse, and difficulty with close relationships. Sexual victimization profoundly interferes with the developmental process, and the effects last well into one’s adulthood.

Sexual abuse cases are filled with emotion. We build your case based on the facts. You are entitled to compensation for the psychological damages you and those close to you have suffered, and our firm can refer you to psychiatrists and psychologists who are experienced in both identifying and counseling victims of sexual abuse.

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