What is your background?  

All attorneys are not the same. Hall Law has over 25 years as a personal injury trial attorney. We welcome time in front of a jury when necessary. Less than 1% of cases actually go to trial but competency in a courtroom and years of experience building meaningful cases means we can use your facts to maximize your award. Helping injured people find restorative justice is our mission., We explain our strategy and involve you in the process to you have full transparency to your case. No team will fight harder to make the insurance company pay what you deserve.

     Who will I work with?

 Attorney James Hall gives his clients his cell phone. In addition to Attorney Hall you are coupled with an experience paralegal (10+ years experience). From there we build out your team to include: Business consultants, experts and witnesses to win your case. Because actions speak louder than words. We will talk to the insurance company and give them the chance to do the right thing. But more often than not the best strategy for our clients is to put the facts together and bring it to suit.

 How long will it take to settle my case?

 You are the client and you help drive the process. Unlike many law firms we dont settle for the quick hit. The first number the insurance company offers is never their best number. And rightfully so, they want proof of injuries, liability. And lets face is that have a whole team of adjusters and staff bonused to pay you less. But cashflow matters. Sometimes clients need immediate money to deal with medical expenses. Maximizing a case can take time. For example: Are your injuries permanent? You may not know the full impact of your injuries only a few months out. WE work with creditors and your Doctors and any bill collectors so that you can get the care that you need without compromising or rushing to an early settlement. Don’t be rushed to settle.

Communication Guarantee: You deserve to know what to expect.  Your lawyer is fully transparent in sharing details regarding a wining strategy for success.  You should understand what will happen in your case.  You deserve to know how long your case will realistically take.

      Do you really go to court (how often)?

 We regularly go to courts in Rhode Island and Connecticut when it helps our client get a better result.  Some lawyers just advertise and try to settle cases quickly for less money.  At Hall Law & Associates, we regularly file lawsuits, regularly hire experts to support our clients and we make regular appearances in civil court.  The judicial Website verifies that we regularly litigate matters involving personal injury.  You should find out how often you might need to go to court.  Some clients want to avoid court and some want to go to court.  Discuss this with an attorney that is experienced with court, juries and trials.

      Is my case important to you (and why)?

 Find out why your attorney wants to represent you. We don’t take every case or every client.  We fight for people and cases we believe in . After 25 years we trust our gut. and you should too. Trust your gut.  Some attorneys care a great deal for their client and truly want to help the client win as much as possible.  Like all professionals, some care more than others.  As your are attorney shopping, trust your gut as you listen to the attorney tell you why he or she wants to represent you.  If they truly care, you will usually be able to sense it.  At Hall Law & Associates, we pride ourselves in caring.  We believe you should be treated like family and with respect.  That is our pledge to you.

      My case is worth millions of dollars right?  (My case is over $100,000, right?)

 We seek to maximize your result – always! But we cannot predict exact dollar amounts because even one fact may change and affect the value of your case. We candidly share any challenges with you. For example : you cant get blood from a stone. If the person who injured you has limited resources or no insurance then your options could be more limited. We deliver on our promises so we are candid about case values and challenges. Beware of an attorney that promises you a certain amount of money when you first discuss your case.  Only fortune tellers can predict what a case is truly worth.  Instead, ask your attorney to give you examples of other cases and case values.  As your case develops, the attorneys at Hall Law & Associates, can help you to decide if your case is worth Millions or Thousands.  Often a case is more valuable only when the injury is permanent and causes problems throughout a lifetime.  At Hall Law & Associates, we can explain the facts that make a case worth more or less – for free — in the first meeting.

What do I have to do next?  

Text , email or call us. .. ask the question. Do I have a case?

We do home , zoom and office visits to accommodate client preferences and injuries. Ask your attorney about how your medical treatment will affect your case.  Lost wages and medical bills require proof and your attorney should be able to explain how you can maximize your recovery by proving how you have been injured.

At Hall Law & Associates, an experienced attorney can meet with you and answer these questions.  We are available weekends and evenings upon request.

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