Car Accident

Insurance company offered $7,500

“He’s always working.  I needed to reach him at 10 PM on a Saturday night.  To me was an emergency, and he always took my call …even late at night.”  (HS)


Truck Accident

“James treated me like family, like a friend.  He explained what was going to happen and it did.  He told me to wait to settle as we developed the facts . The insurance company went from $50,000 to $249,000 just by filing the lawsuit.  His whole team worked hard and it paid off!”


Personal Injury/ Negligent Security

Attorney Hall kept the bank and the creditors from taking my house while he worked on my injury case.  He wrote letters to all the creditors and the negotiated the debts.  He never charges us extra for this.” (WE)

$1 Million +

Landlord Negligence/ code violations, injury

“James won me over $!1,000,000 from the insurance company.  My friend told me I didn’t even have a case.  Attorney James Hall explained the law to me.  He believed in my case and then we won. He hired experts with his own money to explain why the insurance company should pay.  This money has changed my life.”  (PS) 


Dog Bite

Severe injuries of minor
under 12 during a parade
Multiple surgeries required.

$3 Million

Wrongful Death/Negligence/Malpractice

“Attorney Hall built a team of attorneys and experts for the trial.  The other side refused to pay and we went to trial.  A jury awarded me over 3 million.  He even helped us with our situation after we got paid. This is a team that cares. ‘  (KF)

$1.2 Million

Negligent Security – Arbitration Win

“ He got me more that $1,200,000; enough to build a new house to accommodate my wheelchair.  We put the extra money into a special trust to protect it.  They care at Hall Law.” (BS)  “ I work third shift and  Attorney Hall communicated with me around my schedule, not his.”  (WR)


Drunk driver/ Negligent Security

“When I lost my son, we didn’t know where to begin.  I was broken and Attorney Hall helped us figure out what happened and what to do.  The money will not bring back my son, but it is enough to send our daughter to college.  He would have wanted this for his sister.  They handled probate court issues and international banking issues.  They always cared for us.”  (AA) Insurance only offered $25,000


Car Accident

“He listened, he communicated, we won.  So glad I called Attorney James Hall.”   (SD)


Workers Compensation/Work injury

“Attorney Hall exceeded my expectations.  He got me more money than even I thought my case was worth and he listened to me from the first interview through the end of the case.  “ (SP)


Slip and Fall

“He told me to be patient while we waited to see if my injuries would get better.  They didn’t.  It sure paid off for me.  I got $365, 000 for my injury. “ (FJ)


Hotel Dangerous Condition

“The insurance company offered me less than my medical bills Attorney Hall went to trail for us.  We beat them and got twenty times more money from a jury in New London.  Best of all, the defendant finally fixed the defective condition so no one else could get just the same way. “  (CD) Insurance only offered $5,000


Car Accident

62-year-old female with back and neck injuries
from head on collision and needed multiple surgeries

More Testimonials Thank you back. We sincerely appreciate our clients. These mean the world.

“It was a pleasure to work with you on the process. You are extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. It was a long tedious process for me ( due to on going medical treatment) . I was certainly was not looking forward to going to trial for the maximum amount. I am grateful to you for your unwavering kindness, support and infinite patience you demonstrated through out this process!!!”

Were so happy that X got us in touch with you to represent our interest. We are very satisficed with your dedicated service. X and I wanted to say many many thinks to your. Thank you very much for all you do for US (B&J)

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to my case. Hard to find people that stand behind their word. Truly appreciated. Thanks again, (L)

You’re someone who doesn’t compromise on being the person only you could be, someone who doesn’t hold back on sharing the gifts only you can give… and I, for one, just want to say… Thank you, thank you , thank you.. for being there for me. You are a blessing, Love (L & B)

Dear Mr. Hall, I just want to write to you to let you know the appreciation that I have for you and staff in person care you showed in regard to my case. You have been very honest, trusting and informative which I hold with great respect and admiration. My accident was ( date) 42 months ago and it is finally settled without a trial I have never been in a law suite and i really had no idea! But your expertise served well. I am very fortunate to have you on my side. I am especially grateful to you for unwavering kindness, support and infinite patience you demonstrated through out this prosses. I f any one I ever come to contact with that needs an attorney you will be the only one that I will refer. I which you success in both your personal and professional life. (m)