We have won millions for our clients and their families.

Restorative Justice

Building back and making you whole in a way that is most meaningful to our clients.

It’s simple…

At Hall Law we communicate and win as a team with our clients.

You know the facts, we know the law and we guarantee frequent and transparent communication to bring facts, talent and experience together for the biggest wins the facts allow. Our biggest wins come from our 25 years of experience and taking your problems to heart. Ask for the attorney’s personal cell phone and you get it. We treat you the way we all want to be treated. Each case varies… so its key to work with an attorney and team that doesn’t just think of you as a number.

We are honored to wear the white hat and be on the right side of the fight. We are fully transparent. We recognize that our clients are smart. We are experts in the law but our clients have first hand experience of the details of their circumstance and injury. Only you know the true impact an injury has had upon your life. We involve you in strategy so you control your case and know where we are in the process. Attorney Hall and his team believe that addressing issues promptly – text us- even on a Sunday night. Because we know that sometimes a quick response makes all the difference. The nuances and intricacies of your injuries and how they impact your life matter. We know how to best apply the facts and laws of your state and include you in discussions so that you understand the strengths and weakness of your fact pattern. (What happened versus what can be proven.) Our team approach builds the road to your success.

We work with our clients to help them get their lives back.

We understand that money and even justice can not fully compensate you for your loss. But money can help. We watch clients restore their lives utilizing settlements to defray medical costs, pay for therapy, or provide compensation for time to heal and make you and your whole. Money, a voice and an opportunity to fight back can be a meaningful step to help you and your family.


We believe in restorative justice.   Nothing could have prepared you for the over reaching impact your accident or assault would have on you and your family.  The reality is that no amount of money can undo the past .  Permanent injury,  emotional and physical scarring, loss of employment ,  of enjoyment in activities.  Sometime detrimental impact to the very relationships that bring you the most joy.   

But there is hope.  There is a power in holding people accountable.   Beyond criminal implications , a lawsuit is an opportunity to be heard.  And there can be powerful uses to getting compensated for the injuy sustained.    Money for therapy,  money gives you time to heal. Money can be truely punitive…  For example we had a client who was severely injured by a drunk driver.  In addition to a lump sum to assist with medical bills and job retraining they also receive a check every year.  Ever year their aggressor must take pause and remember the negative impact their careless actions had upon another.   

Money cannot undo the past but it can restore you to your new and best version of normal going forward. 

Communications Guarantee:  We commit to timely and effective communication as we fight on your behalf to maximize your legal advantage.  Questions and concerns should never trouble your sleep.  That’s why Attorney Hall shares his cell phone with clients.  It is an environment of mutual trust and respect.   We treat people the way that we would like to be treated ourselves. 

Insurance companies have whole departments of lawyers all striving to pay you less. 

  Don’t go it alone.  Claim your advantage – you have and experienced friend in the business.  You and your family deserve no less.