Hall Law has litigated hundreds of Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall cases with varying results.  Also called “Premises Liability Cases,” we have earned our clients millions of dollars; however, some of these cases are much more difficult and an attorney should be consulted to decide whether the case is good or not.  What makes a successful premises case?

If you are injured from the wrongdoing or neglect of another, the number one fact that is usually considered is whether the guilty party “knew or should have known” that something was dangerous,  In other words, if a large hole exists in the sidewalk, the injured person (and their Attorney) must show that the landowner either knew the hole was there or that the landowner “should have known” the hole was there.  A landowner, a store owner and even a homeowner all have a duty to look for dangerous conditions and fix them in a reasonable amount of time.  This element of a case is called “Notice” and it is the number one consideration when we meet with a client to discuss the facts of a slip and fall case. 

Often times, an injured person can show that a reasonable person would have fixed the dangerous condition.  If you think that a dangerous condition existed and you were injured, the trained and experienced staff at Hall Law & Associates will discuss this with you, at no cost for an initial meeting. 

Because “Notice” must be proven, the sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner the facts can be photographed or otherwise maintained to help you win.  It is not enough to be injured, you must prove notice through an attorney that knows how to win this part of your case.