Workers compensation law differs from other types of injury laws. Workers compensation seeks compensation for death or injury suffered by a worker in the course of his employment. It is a no fault system that allows injured or sick employees to receive certain benefits such as medical care, payment of a certain percentage of a worker’s wages, and, in many cases, the continuation of certain benefits, while not suing their employer.

Connecticut, Rhode Island , and Tribal Work Injury Cases.

Attorney Hall has extensive experience handling a broad range of workers compensation claims on behalf of injured workers throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut. Whether you are dealing with a difficult employer, a tricky insurance company, or an at-fault third party, trust our experience and our commitment to getting you the coverage and compensation you are entitled to. If you have been injured on the job, contact us to discuss your recovery rights with a reputable, trusted workers compensation lawyer.

Worker’s Compensation Law applies when you are injured on the job.  Under Worker’s Compensation law, you are entitled to lost wages, medical treatment and money for permanent injury if your injury is lasting.  Worker’s Compensation does not pay for “pain and suffering”; however, an experienced worker’s compensation attorney should be able to discuss whether your claim includes the following:

  1. PTSD or other mental stress made worse by the physical injury,
  2. A worsening of old injuries that can be included,
  3. New injuries that could be made worse due to the work injury

(for example, if a knee injury caused limping that hurt the hip or back then you could have a claim for both injuries.)

An experienced attorney can discuss your claim .  Be prepared to share details about prior injuries in order to best plan for your case.  Also ask whether you have both a worker’s compensation claim and a separate personal injury case.

If you have been injured on the job, use our experienced team to get more.

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