WHY IS COMMUNICATION SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART OF MAXIMIZING YOUR CASE? A law office should make the client their number one priority.  You deserve no less! This pledge applies to reasonable communications, and we truly believe that if we listen to you carefully then we can better serve your legal needs.

Hall Law & Associates We Guarantee:

Communication and Transparency

You have your attorney’s cell phone.

This might be a bit extreme but we are always working. We know the law and how to maximize your case award but we also empathize that you live with your injuries daily and we respect that this causes your worry.  We would rather address something quickly via a text or call. We find that this personal touch keeps little things from turning into big things.

Why lose a nights sleep? 24/7 text response

Attorney Hall and your personal team consult with you to select the best strategy for you. 

We work WITH you… not just for you….and we VALUE YOUR INPUT

A Team That Has Your Back

Your team at Hall Law & Associates, LLC consists of people you know, and over time people you trust. 

Attorney James Hall personally works your case.  Your dedicated team also includes a single paralegal who specializes in the details of your case.  We bring in specialists and experts as needed but you always have access to Attorney Hall and your paralegal.

Our paralegals have decades of experience and only one attorney and one paralegal will be personally assigned to your case.  As a boutique firm, we take the right cases and assign the right people and experts to maximize your result.

Success, restorative justice and maximizing the value of your case is personal to us! We zealously fight for you so you can focus on healing.

Experience Matters.

Million dollar awards, complex trial and big city experience right here in Westerly .

We are licensed and actively practicing for decades in both Rhode Island and Connecticut.  We are licensed in both State and Federal Courts.  Our team has significant experience and success with Fortune 100 corporate environments, New York City prosecution and success at larger firms. We have repeatedly done trials in large city courts, such as Hartford, New Haven and Providence. 

At the same time, our firm constantly has court filings in the local courts of New London and Wakefield. Sometimes you need a heavy hitter with relationships, experience as well as compassion compassion.

Results Matter.

Win-Win Guarantee

A Win-Win Guarantee means there is no cost or fee billed to a client unless we WIN. While every case is different we let you know what to expect every step of the way.

Compassion Matters.

Folks with disabilities and special needs hold a special place in our hearts. This is my brother and a significant part of my “why” I got into law… to help people and fight for justice on their behalf.

Not a Settlement Mill

Results Matter.

We invest our time, money and our 25+ years of experience to help you WIN What You Deserve.  A lawyer with integrity will explain that each case is different.

There are several factors that go into the value of your case:

Extent of injury or damages.


Clients have different tolerances for risk , taking the time to let a case develop, or going to participate in giving statements or going to trial. It can take time to develop your case.

Why take a first settlement offer when your injuries may be more serious than your initially realize?

We see this often with our younger clients. Sometimes this is their first significant injury. You think , “I’ll be fine. ” Next thing you know… its 6 months later , your injury is still bothering you and a physician is suggesting surgery. That is appropriately a very different monetary award.

Fact patterns:

The truth of what happened versus what can be proven

Available funds

Individuals have different levels of insurance and private assets in their pockets. That old adage, ” You cant get blood from a stone ” comes to mind. How much coverage did the person or company who injured you have available.

Attorney James Hall personally discusses a strategy with each client, customizes and shares the strategy.

Injuries are personal. Your definition of justice and legal care should be personal too. Hall Law cares about your and your family. We help you get what you deserve.

J Hall

Honesty Matters.

Attorney James Hall believes it is important for you to know the truth about your case – good and bad, so that you can make the best decisions.  We promise only what we can deliver, and as your case develops, we continue to work on the case with our client, to maximize the results.

Accountability Matters

 At Hall Law, we provide you with an accounting to the penny.  This means that you do not have to guess as to how much goes into your pocket, tax free.  and we don’t sweat the small stuff … paper clips and on site copies . We don’t nickle and dime you.

Family Matters. Relationships Matter.

Family first. WE know that this matters not just to you but to your family. People count on you. Award wining customer service. Satisfaction  In writing, over 99% of our clients that have settled their cases with us have expressed that they are “satisfied with the work of Hall Law & Associates.”  This is a rock-solid fact, and we will not settle your case unless you similarly satisfied.

We Talk Straight With You
Put Your Attorney On Speed Dial!
Restorative Justice

You are assigned one experienced attorney to work on your case.  There is no guessing who to talk with because Attorney James Hall shares his cell phone with clients. We believe that you should not have to worry about your case when a simple response can resolve issues and settle concerns quickly. We partner with our clients, so you know what to expect every step of the way. Top 1% of Attorney – Litigator Award, 25 years’ experience with multiple customer service awards.

Ask for your attorney’s cell phone number and you will be given his real cell phone number.  We want you to be able to reasonably communicate with your attorney.  At Hall Law & Associates, we believe that good client communications lead to excellent results. We guarantee to return your text or email response within 24 hours… Why?  Because we believe we should treat the client the exact way we want to be treated. Why lose another night’s sleep?

You, your family and your case matter to us. Let us help you get your life back. Hall Law has won millions for its clients utilizing a team of experienced and talented people dedicated to your success. Your attorney is your guide and trusted advisor through the complicated world of laws and rules.  You deserve to know the good and the bad about your case in real terms.  When you want answers, you should get them. The Hall Law & Associates “Client Communications Guarantee” makes the difference.  Treat clients the way we all deserve to be treated.