Some particular issues with motorcycle cases include:

  1. A bias against bikers.  Experienced trial attorneys make sure that the injury victim is appreciated as human by the other side.  Each biker has a family, a life, a job that makes them unique and it is important to overcome any bias against bikers.  At Hall Law & Associates, we utilize videos of injury victims to help a jury see how this person lived and how the injuries effect each day of the victim’s life.
  2. Who caused the accident. Bikers often ride very carefully and many are trained to ride with their hands and body in a defensive stance.  If there is a question of who caused a collision, many jurors are surprised to learn how careful most bikers are.  Under the laws of most states, a motorcyclist has the same rights and obligations as an automobile.  The rules of the road apply to all.
  3. Accident Investigation.  In order to help jurors understand what happened and who’s fault it is, accident experts can be used to help explain what happened.  Computer diagrams or even models of the vehicles are often utilized to show how the other driver caused the collision.
  4. Save the bike.  Often, an experienced attorney will consider saving the damaged motorcycle as evidence.  This gives the other side and the jury a chance to see the bent metal and broken parts.  Remember, if it did this to steel and metal then consider what the same accident could do to flesh and bone.


Motorcycle injury cases are unfortunately all too common and the injuries can be severe.  When the joy of riding gets taken away from you, an attorney experienced with motorcycle collisions and injuries can get you results.  Hall Law & Associates has worked on motorcycle cases for over two decades. 

We have over 25 years of experience  to handle the unique aspects of a motorcycle accident case. 

We understand motorcycle accident reconstruction to prove the crash was the fault of the automobile driver and we know how to make the insurance company understand how your injuries affect you and your life as well as understanding how to work with the medical community so that your injuries are presented fully and completely in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

At Hall Law Associates, we know what expenses you are entitled to including medical expenses, vehicle rental fees, motorcycle repair/replacement costs, general damages, lost wages, future loss of earning capacity, and much more. The goal is to demonstrate your side of the case in a way that the insurance company will understand. We know how to overcome the jury’s prejudice against motorcycle riders to win the jury over to your side…instead of automatically being discriminated against you – the motorcycle rider.