Award winning excellence. Multi Million dollar damages. Extensive trial experience. Top 1% of trial attorneys

After 30 years of serving clients in Connecticut and Rhode Island with personal injuries our team know what it takes to maximize awards and get you the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

Attorney James Hall gives you his personal cell phone number so there is no guessing about your case. You know what’s going on with your case strategy and process.

You understand the next steps, challenges and strengths of your case. . No surprises.

You get the attorney and dedicated paralegal you signed with. Promises delivered. Timely communication including texting your attorney when you have questions.

Unlike many firms, we are not a “settlement mill” . We don’t churn cases quickly.. chasing cash flow to pay for our giant advertising budget.

WE thoughtfully and strategically develop your case to maximize your results for the best possible outcome.

Experience matters. Results Matter. Integrity Matters. You Matter.

Don’t settle for less. Get Hall Law & Associates..

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